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Why You Should Perform Pen Testing

Posted by Marketing on December 10, 2015

A recent study conducted by the Ponemon Institute reported the average cost of a data breach for the affected company is now $3.5 million. Costs associated with the Target data breach that occurred in 2013 reached $148 million by the second quarter of 2014. With security breaching headlines making the news everyday, how can you protect your enterprise? Two words, Pen Testing.


Topics: External Security Threats, Managed Services, Network Security, Network Vulnerabilities, Pen Testing, Solutions

Tips For User Interface Design

Posted by Marketing on August 7, 2015

Nothing is more irritating than a website that isn’t designed for the user in mind. We know that web design trends come and go, from the acid-tripping  90s flash pages to the simple sleek sites of today, but there are easy tips to follow to outlast any trend.


Topics: Friction, Managed Services, Solutions, UI, UX, Web Design

Is IoT Big Brother?

Posted by Marketing on July 22, 2015

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a pretty hot buzz word now because of the interconnectivity of mobile applications to objects like your thermostat, speakers, and security cameras. To put it simply, IoT consists of a physical object, a sensor, plus the internet! In addition there are over 10 billion interconnected  smart devices out there and that number is looking to double in just a decade. Also in a decade, the IoT market is expected to bring in  7.1 trillion dollars.


Topics: Big Brother, Internet Privacy, IoT, Managed Services, Solutions, The Internet of Things

Security on the AWS Cloud

Posted by Marketing on July 10, 2015

With the Sony leaks last year, to Adobe’s vulnerability,  and  Hacking Team’s spyware company recently being hacked, Internet security is definitely a hot topic in today’s hyper-connected world. So that comes into question, exactly how secure is your business data on AWS?


Topics: Amazon Web Services, AWS, AWS Meet Up, Defense One, Internet Security, Managed Services, Patrick Tucker

Riptide Software’s Robust DHCP Server using RaspberryPi 2 !

Posted by Raquel Galan on June 11, 2015

Riptide Software solved an issue a customer was having getting a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server to function in a particular way. The requirements: multiple IP ranges with limited communications between the ranges, variable network component lease times from an hour to possibly several days, and the need for the equipment to function in a less-than-ideal environment. Riptide provided a robust and cost effective solution for the project using a RaspberryPi 2 DHCP Server to handle a network of over 500 IP addresses with varying lease times.


Topics: DHCP Server, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, GUI, ICS, Managed Services, NOOB v1.4, phpDHCPAdmin, RaspberryPi 2, Raspian, Solutions

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