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How IoT Can Help Conservation Efforts and You!

Posted by Marketing on July 23, 2015

Although the Earth’s surface is 71% water, that doesn’t mean that all of that water is suited for human consumption. In fact only 2% of that is freshwater and 97% of that is ocean water. Water conservation is pretty vital for the future of the human race and one thing that could mainstream the processes of conserving water usage in the commercial and public sector is the Internet of Things (IoT).


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Is IoT Big Brother?

Posted by Marketing on July 22, 2015

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a pretty hot buzz word now because of the interconnectivity of mobile applications to objects like your thermostat, speakers, and security cameras. To put it simply, IoT consists of a physical object, a sensor, plus the internet! In addition there are over 10 billion interconnected  smart devices out there and that number is looking to double in just a decade. Also in a decade, the IoT market is expected to bring in  7.1 trillion dollars.


Topics: Big Brother, Internet Privacy, IoT, Managed Services, Solutions, The Internet of Things

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