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Top Cloud Computing Myths

Posted by Marketing on September 11, 2015

This isn’t about myths of epic proportions where heroes slay multi-headed monsters, this is much more important! These myths about the cloud are mostly due to a lack of understanding, but they  slow down the technology industry, impedes innovation, and induce a fright that distracts us from progress. These are the top myths of the cloud:


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Top Ten Tech Predictions in 2014: Cloud Computing Will Surpass $100 Billion

Posted by Marketing on January 21, 2014

Experts predict dramatic growth for cloud computing for 2014 and beyond.   In 2013, the cloud market saw rapid growth, with services like SaaS and IAAS leading the charge, to over $130 billion.  Yet as impressive at that may sound, according to research analysts it’s the only tip of the iceberg.  The reality is that cloud has barely scratched the surface of mass adoption.


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