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Honest Feedback from a Google Glass Explorer

Posted by Marketing on June 16, 2014

Riptide was part of the Explorer Beta program and if I had published this feedback before, it would have been for other Explorers, really. Now that Google has released, my honest feedback from my personal Beta thoughts are below. Let me say first to caveat my frank criticism, I think Google Glass is an incredibly cool technology and device. I am grateful for the work that got it to the place where we all can get involved. Also, I am certain that I understand the third wall, I can suspend my disbelief, and I can be on the other side of my own temporal provincialism. Anthropologically, I can understand the context of me as part of an older generation in 2014. Here at Riptide, one of our developers was asked to participate—as many are. I was the fourth of my colleagues to reset the factory settings, put them on, and make them “my glass.”


Topics: Elearning, VMware, xAPI Camp Las Vegas

10 Signs You Need To Hire A Managed Services Company

Posted by Raquel Galan on August 20, 2013


We have all seen it before; the person who is in charge of  running things on your network only has that responsibility because they've been there longer than anyone else, or just happens to understand computer technology a bit more than their manager.


Topics: Employee Contests, Managed Services, VMware

It’s Time for a Technology Refresh

Posted by Jose O'farril on September 28, 2012

Computer hardware these days has about a 3 to 5 year lifecycle. At the end of that lifecycle, the computer is replaced with a brand new shiny one. When you first got that computer, it ran great. Software was installed, updated and upgraded, and new hardware and gizmos and gadgets were brought into the mix.


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